International Radio Network


Frequently Asked Questions

This page is intended to provide you with detailed information about the IRN, including details on how to set up devices, how to access the system, nets, registration and more. If you need further information, please contact us, and we will reply promptly.

How can I help the IRN?

By being a member of the IRN, you are already helping. We have thousands of members, and being an active member really does help. We appreciate hearing people using our network and connections to make new contacts and friends. Feel free to join our nets or make CQ calls at any time. You never know who might come back to speak with you from around the world.

From time to time, we put out a call for additional volunteers to act as net controllers, webpage maintainers, or for help with other tasks. If you have skills that you would like to share with the IRN, please contact us. If we don't have anything available right away, we'll keep a list of volunteers and their skills for future reference.

You can also help by making a financial contribution to support the infrastructure and maintenance of the IRN if you are able to do so. Please click here for more information.


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